At the heart of Empire Music Group (EMG) is its role in music publishing, founded on an uncompromising belief in the value of a song.   EMG's creative teams aggressively fight to obtain greater value and exposure for it’s catalog of songs, while working with it’s current roster of songwriters to create new classic “standards.”

• Song/Instrumental plugging for major artist recordings
• Fostering creative activity between EMG's songwriters and artists, and writers & producers
• Individual songwriter development
• Demo production


Music is used to enhance the experience in Film, TV, Video Games, Advertisements and Movie Trailers.  EMG’s dedicated licensing staff canvases media for opportunities to expose and license their artist’s and music.  The combination of EMG’s staff and diverse collection of classic hits with new, popular songs has lead to many successful partnerships.

• Music synchronization for films, TV, advertisements, video games, movie trailers, and emerging technologies   
• Music licensing to music compilations and international album releases
• Music licensing special market products (toys, greeting cards, mobile applications, etc.)
• Music lyric licensing for merchandise


Whether a chart-topping single, a catalog of works, or just a well-loved tune, every song needs a trusted partner in order to capitalize on its use. Empire Music Group's Administration staff has a comprehensive understanding of publishing income sources as a result of each staff members’ prior experience in publishing, performance rights, and intellectual property.  Equipped with the latest in reporting software technology, EMG's Admin team prides itself in efficient, accurate, and painless publishing administration.

• Song Registration / Copyrighting 
• Royalty Administration (Collection & Distribution) 
• Administration Coordination 
• Licensing & Legal Affairs
• Catalog Management

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