Made in Miami (Film)


A tale of loyalty, lust, deception & espionage remind us how it’s hard to know, let alone do what’s right living in a Sea of Sin.

The Sea of Sin Chronicles: Made in Miami

What is Made in Miami?

A Crime Drama Thriller with Musical Integration.

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What's it about?

An aspiring music artist/entrepreneur and his crew are suspected of illegal escort, immigration & drug activities from Miami’s Immigration Control & Enforcement department as they try to build an empire and live the American Dream. 

About Made in Miami - Overview


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Show Synopsis (Plot)

Stuck in a bad place in his life, Marley and his Relentless crew devise a plan to recruit and import beautiful women from the Dominican Republic to work in various area's in Miami's nightlife. Indeed, the R.G.F. crew are doing things that do not seem ethical or legal from the outside, but seldom are things the way they appear. From huge parties to sex and drugs, trips to the islands and through the underworld of Miami, a tale of loyalty, lust, deception & espionage remind us how it’s hard to even know, let alone do what’s right living in a Sea of Sin.

The The Pilot Episode - XXX Shooter

 Present day, Aspiring music artist & entrepreneur Marley Brooker + his Relentless (R.G.F.) crew‘s suspected illegal escort, immigration & drug activities fall into the lap of Miami’s Immigration Control & Enforcement department. An investigation into them is started. Apollonia, Miami’s most famous exotic dancer + the Mami’s host the biggest party of the year at Club SNSW [Sex N Weed Smoke]. Marley + his crew meet Patricia (Apollonia unknown to them) + her sexy friends before the party and plan to rendezvous at the event.

What's interesting about this project?

The story. The characters. The music. The setting. The cinematography. 

Made in Miami shows a multitude of different perspectives, cultures and ideals. It will hopefully have the viewers confused about who they like and root against, and maybe even have them flip flopping. We've integrated our music (and mainstream top 100 + underground) not only throughout the story as background music but also as the centerpiece to each episode in the form of music videos.


Why make this show?

America is a very unique and special place. In times of such dissension it's understandable how much the American Dream may vary depending on who's having it. We wanted to tell a story that would make you question, debate and discuss different issues facing different cultures and lifestyles that are often controversial and taboo. 

When moral boundaries meet capitalism in the pursuit of The American Dream you must be Relentless to survive and have it Made in Miami.



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